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Saturday, November 19, 2016

i jumped the gun...

by stating in a previous post that the koran was a continuation of the holy scripture, the bible.  that is incorrect and it took further discernment of information to conclude that i used the incorrect word to describe what the koran actually is.  it is not a continuation but rather a corruption of holy scripture.  you have no idea how deeply i regret this error on my part.

Friday, February 26, 2016

when in rome.. dont do like the romans did...

we need to do it better, we need to do it faster and we need to start now...  .. or the fat lady is going to sing.  that should be clear.

i see an opportunity here for the millenials to rebrand themselves...

to the millenials...take the bernie sanders ball, and you hit it harder than anything youve ever hit in your life and you send that ball so far over that center fence that there can be no doubt about who won the game.  the world is trembling right now, holding its breath, frightened of what could come to be in the US.  if its the millennial vote that puts bernie sanders in the white house, they will never have to endure hearing  words like selfish and lazy, entitled or unmotivated.  those world war 2 veterans will have to surrender their title of the "greatest generation" to these millenials for they will have saved the planet.  i believe we are perched on a very grave precipice in this country and a clinton in the white house will be the dagger to the fine ladies heart.  lady liberty will succumb to the decades long, slow corrupt assassination by a 1000 cuts that has been brought upon her by those with no conscience, whose greed has rendered them blinded and no longer worthy of the gifts she once represented.  do it millenials, get bernie in the spot where he can facilitate the beginnings of the change. its almost too late but not quite, we have one more election cycle to do this...fix the system for all of us and i firmly believe that your grandchildren will  talk about this  when youre in your 70's 2016  what gramma and grandpa did  in that 2016 election that saved the country and the world.  if not for the rebranding opportunity, then do it for this.  the global warming issue is worse than you are being told.  1975 was the year to take action and we didnt.  imagine beautiful planet earth looking like the surface of mars. hot, dry and barren.  continue to do nnoting and THAT is less than a generation away.  get off the sofa and vote..for your LIFE, we are honestly at that point in history where there exists that possibility that there will be no more history if this gets fucked up.

Monday, February 22, 2016

would someone please just punch hillary clinton in the face already???

i can't even watch these debates anymore it enrages me so to see her lie about bernies character and his record in the arrogant and entitled way she does.  it's especially disgusting coming from a woman asking for privilege she has not earned. not THIS woman, please, god save us....