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Monday, September 26, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

an open letter to the attorneys for dr. conrad murray...

from what i can decifer through google, your firm is handling dr. murrays defense. i have a story for you. my neighbor recently was relating a story to me about a time he was in the hospital recovering from surgery of some sort. he was on a morphine drip for pain. he told me that when his nurse left him, he pinched the plastic tubing at the morphine source between his thumb and forefinger and slid it down the tube toward his arm. he delivered a huge shot of morphine to himself and overdosed immediately. they brought him out of it, but the nurse got fired because the hospital had no idea he had  done this. it was thought the nurse acted improperly. if michael jackson was on a propofol drip, why couldnt the drip have stopped for some reason which would have snapped him out of it. he would be awake now and might just decide that he can knock himself back out again the same way my neighbor did. he was a drug addict. drug addicts do shit like that. he could have delivered a lethal dose of propofol to himself  this way.  im just a guy who watches tv, and was wondering if you have thought of this.