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Friday, December 31, 2010

the mexican hustle..

and every mexican out there is selling something. propane tanks with baking sheets full of bacon wrapped hot dogs, deep fried churros, tamales, jewelry, badger baseball caps and rose bowl tee shirts, you name it, they got the hustle on  out there

party in pasadena tonite!!

theyve been there for days i think. the mexicans go CRAZY up there with like two bedroom units they put up on colorado blvd. they know how to move in.

the event on nbc

hal holbrook is terrificly sinister on the event

the mcgangbang..

click here to see youtube video of the mcgangbang sandwich at mcdonalds. i had it again today, its been a regular of mine for about a year now. ive actually ordered it as a mcgangbang at the counter and the clerk knew what i wanted.

legal dept stuff..

mega millions jackpot is up to over a quarter BILLION for saturdays drawing.  i hereby, legally commit myself to giving 75% of that to charity if i win.  education would get the lions share.

bellagio heist..

its a great story. guy rides away on a motorcycle into the vegas night with over a million dollars in casino chips from the bellagio last week.  i dont get how he's going to cash them in though.  they were mostly 25,000 chips and you cant just walk into the casino and plunk those down. russian mafia could cash 'em in, i bet...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

rose bowl weekend!!

im wearin wisconsin proud! go badgers!

scientology = power in hollywood

look at nicole kidman before the 10 year contract. b-list australian actress. enter katie holmes. b-list american actress who will win an academy award soon. shell get the role, scientologists will see to that. i believe its a contract they sign with scientology to further their career.

early prediction

the new mission impossible?  flop.  nobody cares about tom cruise anymore.

it smells so good in here right now..

i just made cajun dirty rice w/ ground beef. yummmm

so cozy on a rainy day..

hearing the rain pound on all those windows, kicked back in a leather recliner, HD at the fingertips. no wonder i did nothing for a few days, i really enjoyed the R&R.

this is what i mean about my cabinets..

you cant touch them without it marking...and showing. u cant hide it.

i like bobby short...

sixteen going on seventeen was actually used for a commercial about a year ago.  state farm i believe, but i downloaded it then because the male vocal reminded me of bobby short.

you wait little girl on a empty stage for fate to turn the light on..

good night liesel :'(

Thursday, December 23, 2010

im so excited...

a very special friend got me tickets to west side story which im seeing this afternoon at the pantages. YAY!!!

this alarms me..

the feds say that plans to poison the food supply by putting ricin or cyanide into salad bars is an old threat. i never heard about THAT before.... and frankly, i NEVER would have thought of that. I hope that by releasing that information, we are not planting the seed in the mind of some nut job in peoria who is going to try to put strychnine in the bean salad at sizzler. it doesnt take a genius IQ to drop a handful of something while reaching across the jello parfait.  you really can't monitor something like that.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

these have always brought me luck...

every year at christmas. the same white diamonds commercial. she makes a ton and deserves it. my ex boyfriend, scott, the thief, used to work her annual thanksgiving party. scott worked a few of them and gave me the run down. she stays up in her room all day and floats through the dinner to make an appearance and then shes gone again. shes fucking old. like grandmother old. michael and the kids there always. the house is up near skirball center drive somewhere and is very average by hollywood standards. basic tudor five bedroom. shes lived there a long time and apparently the decor stopped being upgraded in about 1975. cats...lots of cats around the kitchen and they ate off countertops when catering staff was in kitchen which means..well, you know, lonely old cat lady house.

polishing cabinets

i love my cabinetry but you cant just wipe it with 409. you have to polish it. like a mirror.

lions and tigers and...

christmas trees snowmen and stars, homemade

and, btw...

ive been to rehab. a few times. i know the type that tries to drink IN rehab. they're hopeless alcoholics.

noahs ark

all this rain has had me thinking about noah. i think its very probable that noah was an offbeat extreme hydrophobic who built a boat... just in case. i dont doubt that the rain came, and he probably loaded his family and farm animals in the boat and rode it down a hill or something. thats as far as ill go. you would have to be OUT OF YOUR MIND to believe that two of every creature on earth lived on a boat together for 40 days.

so i got caught in the rain today..

in west hollywood. in front of lindsay lohans apartment bldg.


the betty ford worker who lindsay attacked got fired for breaking confidentiality in going to the press with the story

uh ohh

lindsay lohan got drunk AT betty ford and had it in with a worker there early this week...S H E  is a HARDCORE alcoholic.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

new set up

i moved that elephant cartouche off of the headboard and onto the wall. i like it alot better. the headboard was too eurotrash looking. know what i mean?

what im most looking forward to..

is to hear this guy tony sing about this girl he just met. emotionally breathtaking piece of music

great picture

i call this my real front door...

W entrance from hwd blvd.

walking in the rain...

im bored so im going to take the olympus and see what i can find out on the boulevard.

this i dont get

so i checked out the census report, looking for ethnic breakdown.  they say that data wont be released until february.  why?  its not like they dont have it already.

10 dollar hooker wig..

maybe its just the high def, but the kcal afternoon weather sluts hair looks like the wigs you can get out on the boulevard for 10 bucks.

this was really stupid...

i was trying to iron the dimple out of this hat and scorched it...

and this is the iron...

latest super graphic...

to clutter my view...

census report is out...

i havent seen it yet, but im hoping that we see an expolsion of latino voters.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

sid lufts daughter in lancaster..

this is the lancaster performing arts center or lpac for short. i lived up here for a minute, and the only show i recall being here was lorna luft in "songs my mother taught me"

christmas @ 1600 vine

i think diplomat would be a great title to have

hit by a truck and run over by a bus...

just happened in south la. pedestrian accident in the rain. pronounced dead at the scene, obviously. why did that make me laugh

republicans kill the dream act..

another reason to hate republicans.  they gave in to the gays but said fuck you to the latinos and basically fuck you to the future of america by killing the dream act. dream killers.


there's a doggie on my basket!!!

LA is getting waterboarded..

its been raining for a day now. weather forecasts say it will do this through christmas. i love the rain, its fun.  ill let y'all know if i feel that same way five days from now...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

this went in the garbage today...

fake cheese. it was horrible. it ruined a great eggplant parm i made which also got thrown out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

hannah bongtana..

salvia? really?  i suppose... its really the only way to not be caught doing something illegal which would be a PR nightmare.  she was smoking pot.  we all know it.

i dont think john boehner is a crybaby..

i think he's drunk

finals today...

one went well, the other not so much...

i like michael moore...

click here to see the full letter michael moore posted on his blog on why he is putting up bail money for julian assange

Monday, December 13, 2010

mariah careys mother...

the woman is a trained opera singer so it was no big surprise that her recent duet with her daughter would be a big success.  what i didnt expect to see is that her teeth are shot out. big horseface mouth with rotted out lowers, a couple missing or out of line as i could tell. and black. with HUGE ultra white capped uppers. cmon mariah, get your mommy to the dentist, pls?

i didnt like this from the beginning..

north korea is whack.  they have now threatened to launch a nuke at south korea if we dont stop helping them. click here  to see the news article.

why is john boehner such a crybaby??

hollywood and vine..

from the fitness center @ 5AM

Sunday, December 12, 2010

mi casa

new report..

out this week sez that men who grow up in the country have larger weiners than men who grow up in the city.  now, i dont know if thats true, but i reckon it could be so...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

d-con ads

theyre pretty sharp. and funny. "prove it.."  take a look click here

your opinion on this one joe...

do you think that if david muir stared at his face long enough or too much, he might start to think he was pretty ugly.  he's not.  he is off beat handsome...

does this surprise you?

nixon thought the jews were assholes and that the irish were mean drunks and fairly stupid in general

a grand exit...

bernie madoffs kid offs himself in his nyc apartment. big deal.  i find it interesting how he did it though...very spectacular...and weird.  he was swinging from a pipe on the ceiling of the living room by a dog leash while his young son slept in the next room.  i think it sez alot about his relationship with his dad that he would be leaving his dead body for his kid to find all alone in that apartment...body swinging from the ceiling..a little kid alone..thats terrible.  he should have just locked himself in the bathroom. click here to see the article.

Friday, December 10, 2010

beatles cataloge now on iTunes

you know the beatles were hot!  especially george.  i have met ringo.  he and barbara bach came into the park hyatt in chicage when i worked there in 1985.  press junket for that animated train cartoon he did...thomas the talking train, maybe? anyway, i was their waiter. i guess i didnt understand the enormity of the experience until years later thinking, christ, ive talked to one of the beatles, and he talked back to me.  thats pretty fucking cool

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

new piece..

just finished

it keeps getting better...

newsreporters are questioning a sargent from bev hills who is doing the news conference, and they ask him.."so its your theory that this guy was attempting to rob her while she drove down sunset blvd while he was on a bicycle, shooting her 5x's at point blank range...as she drove down sunset...with a mad man on a bicycle alongside her..."  and the cop just looks at the camera for about 5 seconds, with a shitass smirk on his face and sez "yes"

im going to play detective again...

bev hills police news conference right now sez that there is a ballistics match between the gun used to kill ronnie chasen and the gun the black dude who shot himself last week used on himself.  i think "ballistics match" merely means both guns were 9mm pistols. i think its a ruse by cops to spark the real shooter into doing something to draw attention to himself. piss him off that someone else appears to be getting the credit.
and they gave me a nice check for my thoughts.  its great to get paid for what you think about.

it wasnt exactly sumner redstone, but...

it was an "ideas and thoughts" meeting, and they loved what i had to say

im actually viewed around the world..

 click here to see my facebook string regarding entourage
This hydroxycut/coffee combo is gross. Im shaky AND barfy
I took a hydroxycut this morning and had coffee. Not a good combo. im really jacked right now. Like shaky jacked. Bleechl
Cecil b demille airstrip
Im at wishire and fairfax right now on my way out to a meeting in westwood. I see a placard saying that there used to be an airstrip here.

given the opportunity...

i have had the opportunity to see upfront and first hand how deceptive the federal government can be with its citizens.  they play REAL dirty.  and they dont fuck around either.

Hard Time On Sunset Blvd

by Scott Benedict.  Random House here i come..

breaking bad..

im reminded of an episode of breaking bad where two tweekers steal an atm and then cant get it open. one of them gets under it someway and it ends up falling on his head, crushing it like a melon.  breaking bad is a great show. you better call saul!!

smart crooks..

two men in la habra last night stole an atm out of a busy restaurant.  dressed in coveralls, they rolled in with a dolly and wheeled it right out.  first sign of trouble didnt come until the service provider noticed the electronic connection was off, so they sent out a tech.  tech calls from the location and sez "the fuckin machine is gone!"  restaurant owner was like "i dunno, i thought you guys came and took it..."  i love a thinking man...


billboard on hollywood blvd. i mean, really...cum ho?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the chasen will takes another turn..

the niece who was left only $10 has spoken out and she said her aunt ronnie was her favorite aunt and that she loved her very much.  she goes on to say that the $10 disbursment is a "family secret" and involves her career as a writer.  hmmm..what could that mean...ill have to think on this one a bit, but im sure ill come up with a logical reason...stay tuned

could be a warren buffet kindof thing..

warren buffet gave his kids "enough money so that they could be anything they wanted to be but not so much money that they could afford to be nothing."  maybe ronnie chasen saw talent in her niece as a writer, and knew that if when she died her niece would become an instant millionare and probably never write again.  that would be cool..

my point being..

you know, i totally get whats going on with this universe we live in, i mean from a spiritual perspective, like with god and all that.  i get it.  and you know what, it has nothing to do with jesus.  he's just a way to explain it.

nbc news special report..

obamas on the air right now and he just called republicans political terrorists who held americans hostage in order to get tax breaks for the rich.  obama said he had to negotiate with them because its always  a good idea to negotiate with terrorists when the hostage is in imminent danger.  very interesting analogy.  im not all that comfortable with the word terrorist being thrown around, but i like his point.

dems threaten filibuster...

say that compromise by obama cuts to the heart and soul of liberal democratic core values and vows to do whatever necessary to stop the bill.  i say go for it, republicans suck.  to see the whole politics daily article click here

im supposed to be in class right now...

whoopsie :/

sidewalk power washing..

4am they were out there with the power washer, making the streets of hollywood clean and fresh.  im glad they do it cuz when it rains, you can smell urine and vomit. it gets rehydrated and starts to steam again...

prop 8 is going down in flames

from what i can tell based on what two of the three judges hearing this case have to say in their questions to prop 8 supporters lawyers, they dont have a chance.  one judge even told one of their lawyers that they didnt have an argument!

Monday, December 6, 2010

whale walking...

ill betcha dinosaurs were whales that walked up out of the water.

the fighter

premier tonite at manns


pillsbury cinnamon rolls are marketing the fact that their rolls are made with cinnabon cinnamon.  it doesnt matter who imported it, its just cinnamon.  its like saying "this salt is saltier that other salt"  its not, salt is salt and cinnamon is cinnamon.  cinnabon buns taste the way they do because of the bread and the frosting...not the cinnamon.


you know those box cutters that are scored and when you need a sharp blade, you snap the tip off the blade to get a fresh edge?  well...about a week ago, i snapped the blade, and PING..it went flying..to where i did not know.  i thought "shit! im going to step on that damn thing one of these days and cut my foot or something.  i was doing yoga this morning and i found it...