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Sunday, October 31, 2010

lobby of 1600 vine sunday morning..

on my way out to the gym, i saw this.  this building really is a jump off and drop off spot for  hollywood clubbers on weekends.  think hard rock hotel.

i suspect im going to see alot of this tonite...

men dressed up as katy perry and lugging around an elmo doll..and a purse.  weho carnivale tonite.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

2 steps forward, 1 step back, i guess :(

this oompa loompa is our next speaker of the house.  why does god make republicans so stupid?  and mean, too...

Friday, October 29, 2010

5757 sunset blvd

i saw an awful lot of little ghosts and goblins today...

perfect little unspoiled creatures

save the money and the money will save you

no wiser words have ever been spoken to me.

today show halloween update...

ann as amelia earhardt?  i didnt get that. it wasnt funny, or relevant to the rest of the skit.


looks like haliburton is going to bite it on this bp oil spill. bad concrete and they knew it. haliburton IS dick cheny and dick cheny IS an asshole.

go figure...

i ate a whole 9x9 pan of half baked brownies last night before bedtime.  they were so gooey, i had to use a spoon!  i was hesitant to look at the scale this morning,but i did and i LOST a pound from yesterday!  btw, this pic is for you, joe ;))

Thursday, October 28, 2010

exploration and creation...

two major areas of focus for me in the next 6 months.

cartier panther lurks @ sotheby's

this is the actual diamond and ruby studded panther bracelet once owned by a very famous divorcee` that is up on the auction block at sotheby's/new york.  gorgeous.

today's halloween show...

i look forward to this every year

charlie sheen is old skool...

i gotta hand it to him tho, dude knows how to party. hookers, coke, booze, trashing EXPENSIVE hotel rooms?  a tip...of someones coslopus to you, charlie!  well played.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a beaux arts portable sling...

i was by the talmadge on wilshire today.  beautiful example of classic beaux arts architecture named after norma talmadge and once owned by fatty arbuckle and buster keaton.  ive been to parties in the building.  there is a rockin sex dungeon in one of the penthouses.

Monday, October 25, 2010

a charging elephant???

i added this cartouche of a charging elephant to my headboard.   symbolism aside, its pretty fucking cool looking.

doctors with a lot of nerve...

doctors without borders is ALWAYS outside trader joes soliciting donations and i get TIRED of having to deal with them cuz im @ trader joes 5xs a day.  they asked again today and i said  "call david geffen..really"

one of my founding principles...

honesty is not always the best policy.

i remember when i did that...

the recent chandra levy news has reminded me that i did her for halloween that year. if you recall, they found her body ensnared in a thicket of underbrush in a dc park. i ripped up a dress, put makeup contusion marks on my neck, and wore a fright wig with leaves and sticks all over in it. chandra levys body. it rocked, i got alot of attention that year.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

what happens when i take charge...

i saw these kids playing a game today. a game where the little girl was able to make the boys do whatever she said. i remember playing that game when i was little and i made the other boys show me their weiners.

ran into sarah collona today @ ootc..

ran a few lines by her and gave her spindug address.  hopefully shell give it a look and get me.

farmers market today...

mitra and i are hitting the farmers market on ivarand well prolly pick something to eat at a vendor spot

Saturday, October 23, 2010

extremely unlikely events can, and do happen, all the time

stephen hawking

OMG..there's a woman in my house!!!

i knock out around 2am..

mitra grabs a smoke out in the garage and meets this polish guy in the elevator. she goes back to his apartment where his whole polish family are eating a buffet of ethnic shit. she ends up singing polish songs with them and everyone gets kisses and hugs. polish guy comes back to my place where mitra reads his tarot cards. this is where i wake up and go " what the fuck is going on here?"  " oh im just reading his tarot cards is the reply, so i say "oh" ..snap a pic and right back to sleep....

this lady knows all my secrets...

i am blessed to have an amazingly strong bond to this beautiful creature.  if i wasnt gay, id be ALL over that.

the cake..

its 930am and it looks exactly the same..drying out on the counter.  i see chocolate cake and milk for bfast. ohh, and one of those vitamins i picked up from maria yesterday would be perfect!!

ok...so it got kinda crazy last night...

these young hunnys wanted to give me a special bday present

Friday, October 22, 2010

maria gives me vicodin...

i love maria

yay!! mitras on her way...

i'm so happy president obama came to LA today for my birthday!!

sitting at home feeling lousy...

about walking out on vash. he needed me.  he was talking to me like i was a child though. a stupid child and i didnt like it.

i walked out on vash today...

i went over there to help him paint, and came to the realization that some friends shouldnt work together on certain things. i mean i love vash but he has a way....and i walked out

my building's lobby...

YAY!! its mah burfday!!

i am 48 today and i have to say its true 38 is the new 48, i dont look it or feel it at all. Mitra is coming down for the weekend, were having dinner at Mortons in bev hills and then going out clubbing prolly Drais in the W and she wants to hit a hookah bar at some point. plan is to go to Universal tomorrow then for the Fright Fest.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

helped vash move today

he's got a great artistic space and alot of work ahead

the window washers made their first appearance today...

i live at 1600 vine st. im on the 4th floor of an 11 story luxury apartment complex at hollywood and vine.  ive been here since may of this year and this was the first chance i got to see the window washers come down. i remember an episode of the lucy show where she has problems with a window washer...i would have rather seen lucy outside my window...

vincent van benedict...

heres a better picture of my masterpiece.  im proud of this.

feel good moment of the day...

great idea for halloween...

jetblue flight attendant steven slater. uniform, blow up pool floatie strapped to your back and a beer in each hand. hot!

laurens face...

about a year ago, i shared a house in hollywood with a young starlet named lauren.  she up and moved out rather suddenly and never forwarded her mail.  i kept it for awhile and then just started tossing it. she was getting boxes of proactive acne products every few months, and that stuff i passed along to my friend sara, who loved it. she said her skin never looked better! i ran into lauren a few days ago at the grocery store and the poor girls skin was a wreck.  i didnt say it but thought "gurrl you should have forwarded your mail..."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

i have a new vahz...

burgundy and very heavy

welcome april!!!

now you can say you were my first!

fucking la brea tar pits...

wouldnt this be a bitch

i think meg whitman is really a man..

gaffhooksbro explained...

when i was little, my older brother, brad and i were introduced to a fishermans gaffhook.  we thought it was the funniest sounding thing ever and soon everything became a gaffhook, including my little brother, jeff. jeff has always been and continues to be a shining star in my world, and im proud to be gaffhooksbro.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Event

this fucking show rocks    http://www.nbc.com/the-event/

i bought paint today

tubes of red blue yellow white and black and a brush.  this is what has happened so far

hey motherfucker...yea you, keith...

wassuupp?  you like my blog homie??  kiskissss i love yoo!!!

i love this little bastard

you know SOMEBODY got fucked...

33 men in a dark place called a MINESHAFT for 60 some days?????

going to the dentist...

dr ahbrams is going to hook up my face tomorrow.  juvederm or restalyne i think

another odd link to both promiscous sex and GHB

neither of them is detectable in your urine

i fucking love helen thomas

she took back her apology to israel...hahahahaha!!!!

promiscous sex is like doing G

it gives you a great squirrely high for awhile and then its over with no side effects

AIDS Is a Kind of 'Justice' for Promiscuous Sex, Belgian Catholic Leader Claims

item on PoliticsDailey.  my question is whats wrong with promiscous sex?  why does it need to be punished?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

the really beautiful part...

..is that todd and i have been fooling around for about 10 years on and off.  hes a brooding loner who is distant emotionally but super charged sexually. kissing has been a no no as its too emotionally connecting.  its the one thing that ive missed terribly from him for 10 years now and last night he kissed me...open mouth tongue jockeying...it made me want to cry

weho slut update

the sex with todd last night was..omg...his stank is so beautiful

Friday, October 15, 2010

late brkfst @ K24 on Cahuenga

joe and i had the croissant french tst and an egg white omelette @K24 round 11.  french tst with any fruit but apples which it was served with...notsomuch